Custom Accessories

Custom Accessories

Custom Anti-Theft Box

This unit is a custom ani-theft box designed to lock away expensive welding cable left on welding rigs. We can custom build the cabinet to whatever size you require and to fit a variety of different applications. Call us with your dimensions and we would be happy to quote you a price. All of our cabinets come with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour(excluding paint and decals).

Note: This unit is not a Miller genuine product. The cabinet is custom made by Wel-Teck Welding Repairs Inc. The paint and decals are added at the request of the customer.


Feeder Boom Extension:

Feeder Boom Extension

This unit is a custom made Adjustable Feeder Boom Assembly, used to maximize shop floor space and protect welding cables. It has a full 360 degree rotation and up to 60 degree lift angle. Its design organizes welding and control cables to keeps them off the floor. It uses hydraulics to make it easy and convinient to position the boom where it is needed. It will include a 10′ Boom, control cables, liners, hoses, feeder, mig gun and a 3 year warranty on parts and labour. It comes with a miller feeder but can be adapted for any type or brand.


Torch Extensions:

Torch Extension Before & After

We offer a flat rate cost of $40.00 per extended foot on torches and this includes parts and labour. Lengths may vary for different functions. The longest torch ever extended at this facility was 24′ long.


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